Artist and Illustrator

frosty glance,glance,frosty,caroline evans,siberian tiger,tiger,tigers,amur tiger,amur,siberian,endangered,wild animal,animal,nature,big cat,predator,snow,pastel,coloured pencil

‘A Frosty Glance’ – Siberian/Amur Tiger (Feb 2017)

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animal,wild animal,animals,endangered animal,endangered,a wolf in wolf's clothing, wolf, wolves, clothing, clothes, caroline evans, animal, wild animal, grey, white, fur, furry

A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing

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thy kingdom come,lion,lions,animal,wild animal, caroline evans

Thy Kingdom Come

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defiance,amur leopard cub,amur,leopard,cub,leopard cub,caroline evans,wildlife,animal,animals,wild animal,wild animals,critically endangered,endangered species,coloured pencil,pastel,nature,big cat,fur

‘Defiance’ – Amur Leopard Cub (Mar 2017)

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snow leopard cub,snow leopard,cub,leopard,endangered species,endangered animal,caroline evans,animal,animals,wild animal,wild,nature,wildlife,colour pencil,coloured pencil, pastel,pastels

‘Sneachta’ (Snow Leopard Cub)

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I am a lover of animals, closely followed by artist/illustrator. With a style that is more illustrative than painterly, my subject matter glorifies the beauty of nature, both fauna and flora. My drawings sit in two opposing ends of the genre spectrum – Realism & Fantasy – while my photographic/digital Abstract work is produced solely for designs on merchandise.

Welcome to my world…


All images are copyrighted © Caroline Evans 2015 – 2016. No copy or use without my written consent. You’re welcome to use my art for any personal profile photos, social media sites and personal websites, but only if the copyright watermark is intact and visible. Please also insert a link to my website and let me know where I can view the image.