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the face behind the mask,mask,caroline evans,woman,face,behind

The Face Behind the Mask

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thy kingdom come,lion,lions,animal,wild animal, caroline evans

Thy Kingdom Come

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the beauty behind the mask, beauty, mask, caroline evans, lily, lillies, floral abstracts collection, floral abstract, floral abstracts, abstract, floral, digital art, photography

The Beauty Behind the Mask

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facing my fears, facing, fears, little red riding hood, little, red, riding, hood, caroline evans, fairy tale, wolf, woods, trees, leaves, ivy

Facing my Fears

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contemplating his fate,fate,gorilla,endangered,animal,wild animal,animals,ape,caroline evans

Contemplating his Fate

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As a full-time artist and illustrator, my love of art started at an early age with a particular fondness for painting the human form, flowers and animals.  My work and techniques used are continually evolving, but always at the base will be the incorporation of one (or more) of my favourite subjects plus a lot of colour… usually combined with a vivid imagination!

Welcome to my world…

All images are copyrighted © Caroline Evans 2015 – 2016. No copy or use without my written consent. You’re welcome to use my art for any personal profile photos, social media sites and personal websites, but only if the copyright watermark is intact and visible. Please also insert a link to my website and let me know where I can view the image.